seeing through

inside my fragile-privy-little-window, I am watching the missmash of life as one by one they unravel their real colour as the universe conspire.


Taken inside Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand in Wellington.


aegeas (stratum)




she is as massive as the earth

scintillating and carefree

like a sonnet she unwrap herself

sunlight, twilight and midnight layers

she is unforgettable  

seeping through your veins

unknowingly burning

leaving a scar, a reminder 

that once you were stung 

by a beautiful beast

chasing sunset in Santorini

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. 

– Kristen Butler

There is only one sun, and although they may look the same, sunset in different places feels slightly bit dreamier than the other. Such case is the sunset in Santorini.

What else do you do if you only have two nights in this place? Experience the sunset in different perspective. Literally waited for hours for each. In Fira, the capital of the island, I had to order a fairly expensive meal to get a seat with a very good view. In Oia however, had to stand for almost 2 hours as massive crowd of sun worshipers arriving every second. Had I moved a step or two I would have lost my unobstructed spot. Although the photo gives no justice, I promise you the calf muscle pain was worth it.

Sunset in Fira

the sunset in Fira

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”
― Anna GodbersenThe Luxe


the sunset from Oia





If we were playing flash cards, and you show me inspiration without batting an eyelash I would utter “mom and pop”

though it may sound biased, let us just say i am one grateful daughter who in spite of living in a rather harsh world, i get to experience everyday what love should be like. they are not perfect, just enough kind of cool, not too strict and not too liberated. a perfect combo of lovers slash partners.

festival of lights

IMG_6235 DSC_5772 DSC_5762 DSC_5756 DSC_5744

I may be feeling in the dark right now. This is simply a reminder that nighttime ain’t too bad and won’t last long, and that it’s not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it’s what you have on the inside that shines in the dark.

<Wellington LUX is a free public light festival that turns Wellington’s waterfront and laneways into a captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design->

(while) on the move


there’s this filipino idiomatic expression that says “namamangka sa dalawang ilog” which according to google translate means “boating on two rivers.” this idiom is usually used when referring to two timing ass****s. No, this is not about cheaters and i am not giving a lecture on filipino literature (not my turf). this however is what i feel when it comes to “home.” they say home is where the heart is and as per the last time i checked my heart belongs to two places. i cannot decide between the two nor get enough of either one. always my bemused plight while i’m among these clouds.

the happy fallen

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

what better way to describe what befall a human in love. most of us tiptoe our way into the inevitable and once we let our guard down we dive right into without leaving a foot on solid ground. that is why it’s called “falling” in love in the first place. It is not always a happy ending though, whatever “happy ending” means to you. but like what Augustus said in the book, we cannot choose if we get hurt in this world… but we do have some say in who hurts us. so choose someone you will feel privileged to have broken your heart.


<photos taken two years ago, a collaboration of friends talent for a couple friend’s engagement shoot>

SAM_2048 SAM_2050 SAM_2052 SAM_2059 SAM_2064

to sea is to believe


the sea brings me home.

i basically grew up where a weekend brunch by the beach is almost like a tradition. when i was a kid the family would travel for what seems to be an hour aboard our slow tricycle (a motorcycle with built-in body/sidecar) with all 6 members of the family cramped inside. 

I love the salty breeze, the feel of the sand and waves as it crashes on my feet. i miss making sandcastles and burying my self or someone in the sand. my siblings and i used to stay all day under the sun until our skin burns, and our hands and feet gets all wrinkly… well actually even that does not easily discourage us from playing by the beach. 

though up until now i still can’t master swimming in the deep as the memories of all those JAWS movie gets the better of me (yes i was one of those traumatised kiddos and singing “under the sea” did no magic). 


to me the sea brings calmness. it is a place where i would want to lurk before taking a leap. i can stare at the horizon endlessly. this is where my hope and dreams knows no limit. where the sky meets the sea, where i connect with my Maker.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

i am a self confessed multi-tasker, combine that with my other alter ego, the full time procrastinator you’ll get… wallaaaah!… tadaaaaah!!!… hmmmmm… exactly my point… i am an ellipsis, there is a lot “in” there but you cannot exactly pin point, more so comprehend. i can be and almost always is, a series of unfinished business. i easily trail off…like in that movie, where the characters does acapella, they sang a madonna song, madonna is such an icon, hmm what shall i eat…. (see what i mean?).

i work as a nurse in a busy acute dialysis setting 40 hours a week (let us not include the unpaid break i do not normally get to use on top of that). the nature of my job alone is enough to justify how knackered i can be at the end of a days work, let alone shouldering extra responsibilities on top of your job description. i enrolled into a post graduate program, enough said. and though i am single it does not mean i don’t get domestically busy (duh, don’t get me started). and of course there are those monkey businesses on the side.

but how does a person like me get focus. YOU JUST DON’T! i mean not seriously i suppose. like when you are taking a photograph, you just take it ONE EYE AT A TIME (hence my favourite minion… yey! i got to connect my photos with my text!… not).

ever the multi-tasker i was able to squeeze this “shoot” in between taking a shower and laundry duties… and because i do not have time (hah!), they are all non-edited (no apologies). on a side note, which minion would you think will have more focus, the one with a pair of eyes or a single eye?





Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Carefree. To avoid stating the obvious I am not going to associate this word with food. Obviously my preference is way too vast that the word carefree will fall short.

In the world of microblogging posting of self-taken-close-up photo of one’s self has become nothing but the ordinary. Sometimes way too much that an entire album comprises of one person at one given time in, say, more than fifteen pictures in slightly different angle. NO, that is not what “carefree” means to me.

Carefree is when you are able to allow your candid, non-flattering, vulnerable moments captured and showed off in social media. Please do not mistake my reference to this term to pictures that gives too-much-information (TMI, a.k.a. pictures of you and your lover post private moments). This is simply you being human, flawed and yet happy with your own skin kind of way. Unscripted. Non-edited (almost).

To press my point, here are “selfie” carefree moment overload… I did warn you this blog is about “I, me and myself” ^_^