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gimme a pawfive


This little furboy is turning five today the 24th. He is quarter past his lifetime. Still 1.6 kg tiny, yappy and agile as a monkey.

Two months ago I watch in horror as a greyhound picked him up using his mouth and did not let him go to what seemed almost eternity. I was desperate as I hear him squeal. Miraculously my wee furboy got out of that ordeal physically “unscathed”, well, apart from some bruising. The greyhound’s teeth did not sink nor squashed his tiny frame and internal organs. As the vet said, he was very very very lucky. We were both very shaken though. Since then whenever another dog is near, regardless of the size, my heart would beat fast and my “pawmom protective” instinct goes on red alert.

But we have moved on and I am determined to continue to have little adventures with this fluffball.

Life may have shock me with its twists and turns,

moments you want to smile, instead felt forlorn

this heart undulated to the rhythm of near despair

but just as when I was breaking up into static

I found you, this cruel life’s loophole

a brilliant attempt to entertain

evoking mischief, but all winsome

blissful treat in the end

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