raising pompom 101

i have never imagine that i would become like my young mommy girlfriends who constantly share and take notes, and surf the net for mommy wonder tips. When my pompom had diarrhoea and vomiting, yahoo and google came handy, i never knew until then what chicken and pumpkin can do to four-legged cuties. This D and V plight by the way was a newbie momma nightmare, Snow and i slept in the couch and i was basically sleepless as i would wake up every time he gags. When he had white froths in his mouth i searched online if there’s an A & E (accident and emergency) for pets that i can bring him to, and thank goodness i found this nearby pet hospital/clinic who had a 24 hours on call service (he did not have to be brought in @ 3am though, i basically just panicked).

Youtube on the other hand is my online classroom for tips on how to help Snow achieve full-blown pawsomeness.

so far the poops and pee situation is in control, i have learned to keep him on a routine. I started bringing him outside for some toileting time. as soon as we wake up, when i arrived from work, before going to bed, and few minutes after feeding (Oh and do you know they do need privacy? he seems to unable to when i am watching hence i have to close the door and let him be for a while). Praising him constantly and giving him treats every time he does the deed outside helped reinforce the good behaviour.  Just this week, i noticed him standing by the door few minutes after his chow and when i lead him out he dropped the wee bomb outside! my proud momma moment there.



i am still learning his paw ways and have yet resolve his other issues, or rather my issues. He likes licking and biting my fingers, i let him get away with that as long as he does not bite, he does stop though when i tell “no biting.”  But what surprised me was when he started to hump my hand. yep, my dog mounted my hand. My immediate reaction was to laugh (a big no-no by the way) and because i did not know how to react i let him continue. He did the humping again while my friend was around, this time longer and to both of us. Again we laughed and did not know what to do. For a moment we even felt sad thinking that maybe Snow needs a girlfriend (i know i know). I started to turn to Dr. Google and read that it was most likely not sexual and most probably a dominance gesture. He has not done it for a month until yesterday to which i was able to stop him by standing up and going away. After a few minutes i distracted him by playing with him using his toys. It probably didn’t help that we haven’t walk for weeks now due to this wet cold weather. Hopefully this humping tendency won’t become a problem.




as of now, i am just hoping for a better weather, so Snow and i can walk to the park and for me to be able to take decent photos of him.





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