breaking paw-rules

when i decided i’m ready to join the world of pompom mommies i told myself i won’t be one of those who treat their pet way too humany. for starters i will not refer to us as mommy and baby, yes that was broken rule number 1.

i tried not to go overboard with buying him things and limit stuff to the necessities, so far every brushes, leads, bed and sweater was justifiable. Sweater, yes that knitted sweater was the second broken rule. I have always pitied a dog on outfits as most often done not they look like ashamed of themselves and really really uncomfy. But after having Snow’s hair shortened under this cold wintry Wellington weather, i felt bad and decided maybe he needs one till summer arrives.

snow on cardi
the day he had professional grooming and had a try on his new cardi.. does he look like he liked it?

Snow love cuddles, snuggles and whole lot of licking, he seemed to be fascinated with my hands that he won’t stop whipping his tongue and making me feel his teeth, he’d chase my hands like his eyeing on a big price. on days i have to go to work which is 5 times a week i come home tired wanting to sleep as soon as i’ve refreshed, then i’de feel guilty we haven’t had our play time… hence enter broken rule number 3! Snow in my bed.

i know i know, i have to learn to stay firm. Even scolding him for pooping on the carpet ain’t easy when he looks at you with those doey eyes. i need to gather myself and decide that the NO NO’s should stay No. I need to work on my poker face.




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