finding my hairy paw

it was a series of blessings in disguise.

i was about to concede to the dramas of flatting when the universe conspired and found me a lovely one bedroom unit, the bonus? pets were negotiable! as soon as i settled in, i started the search for the four legged friend. i had no idea then what i wanted, apart from i knew big dogs and few months old puppies would not be appropriate for someone living alone and working full time. i kept on looking through small dogs that are in quest for forever home and one day saw this 12 years old  sable pomeranian. his name was basil and straight away i fell in love. contacted the owners son and drove almost two hours the following day just to meet him, sadly a week later i was told he was given to someone else.

this is Basil. see why i fell for him?
this is Basil. see why i fell for him?

heart broken, i decided to search for my own pompom and as destiny had it, i was brought to this pomeranian breeders website who had a one year old black pomeranian ready to be rehome, initially i thought he was no longer available as the post was bout 2 months back but after a few emails and text messages everything just fall right into place.

now meet SNOW. my clingy little lump of hair. he is just pawsome!

IMG_5303 DSC_5368 DSC_5366



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