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two homes

Flashback Saturday: DIY Obsession.

reading through my sissy’s blog brought back tidal waves of emotions.  I remember what transpired this night as i spent my last day at home, that whole day i had that lump in the throat feeling as i was constantly holding back tears while i was savouring every interaction i had with each of them. I was memorizing each smile, the hum of their voices and the warmth of their embraces.

being away from the people you love is not the hardest… leaving is.

it always cuts way too deep and linger way too long till you are left with no choice but to be brave and make yourself believe “its ok, they are just FaceTime away.”

in my perfect world, my family is here with me in kiwi land. but the world is not mine and more so nowhere near perfect. i have come into terms that this is the choice i made and that i cannot have the best of both worlds.

for the interim, i move on in spite of our physical separation and take solace in knowing i have a family that i love and loves me the same, forever.



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