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d cocky pinay(s)

i am far from being patriotic, sadly. there are just too many downside enough for me to put being proud of my heritage on hold. though i will never deny who and where i am from and give credit when its due. Just like on my first few months in kiwilandia, I was in awe with how friendly, helpful and hospitable filipinos can be. For example on my first week, while walking home i met a filipina on the street, though she only met me she immediately invited me in her home. On other occasions filipinos offering a free ride and giving their contact number telling you not to hesitate to call if you ever need a help. And many other instances that needless to say made me feel overwhelmed…for a while.

Then the pinoy-meets-pinoy-abroad-horror-stories-abroad set in gradually. The setback started when this filipina joined my former workplace. She was a classic crab mentality. she was the boss-bum-sucker-and-whisperer. she would voluntarily share how her family in the philippines are supposed to be well off (i use the word suppose as i cannot fathom why she needed to work night and day 16-24 hours  a day as a caregiver wiping poos if she did not have to). the list of horrible stories goes on but amongst many one disdainful filipino persona i have yet encountered tops the top list of dislikes. This is how the story goes….

you came in a party organized by a common friend of another nationality. when you and your mates arrived, you sat beside this girl, you glanced and gaved a shy smile. lo and behold, she does not see you even with your 12 inches proximity and my (ahem) hugeness.  when finally someone introduced you to her and utter the painstakingly distinguishable “she is one of your kind” you are then almost compelled but effortlessly took the chance to start a conversation. then you ask the usual casual intro chit-chat. “taga saan ka?” and you get a flat semi-delayed response “we..lling..ton(?)”. Nak nang! you clearly asked in very pinoy style where she is from the philippines. Stupified as you are you explained what you meant and that you are from visayas/mindanao. she by the way was from somewhere in manila. she then ask in an unassuming like act “marunong kayo mag tagalog?” you nearly lost your grip and wanted to sarcastically say what chance is there that she knows your dialect while say (my guess) 99.8% of pinoy and 101% of educated indio knows the national language! (does being a uni grad not written all over our well made up faces?) then the interaction did not last longer than that, the rest of the party she was only speaking to the other “kind.”

I don’t know. there is just something in this that irked me from the tip of my eyebrows. you do not need to be besties with other or every pinoys you meet. I for one are not fond of going to pinoy gatherings. but what the blemming freakin tigidig was that? and by the way you have a twin sister! yes! i have known two of these filipina sort so far. so so so sad.

oh well. maybe they had a bad experience that lead them to build such a wall. but then why the cockyness? @_@


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