random ramblings

hear no friend

of all the roles i play recently it is the role of a friend i found the hardest, specially when friends has already become your family.

within such friendship you often switch roles from the prodigal to the godmother like. often times i think i would rather play the improvident, though it rarely is the case (i hope) as my head normally gets the better of me (i hope again). and the most cliche plot are those of emotionally draining yo-yo, or bogus, or denied relationships… anything that pertains to the matters of the heart. it is particularly not fun watching your friends willingly volunteer themselves to death sentence. there is that mixed emotions. annoyance, that your friend is a total blonde or that the guy is simply an asshole (believe me the “A” term is too subtle for this penis bearer). pitty, cause somehow you can totally relate (at some point). hurt, as you watch them getting wounded you feel the pain like lime drops on fresh open wound (drama).

but you see i can only take so much. there is a limit to everything. a point wherein i have to protect myself. besides, why take in someone else’s battle when that someone has already succumb to defeat… making love with failure to be dramatic.

it may not be my strongest feat, but i shall play deaf and blind…. and hopefully mute as well (goodluck!!!)


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