random ramblings

yin yang mayhem



they said the only thing that’s constant in this world is change. I cannot agree more. even royal families who’s mere existence was bound by tradition was not spared.

i have changed vastly. living away from my comfort zone and the strong physical presence of my family was bound to make me an independent “almost” mature woman who now sees the glass as half full.

what surprised me though was my capacity to love and trust… something i once had and gave flawlessly. guess it’s true when you had that greatest love and with that also came the greatest heartbreak nothing else will be the same.

not that i am now incapable of loving or that i love less. It is just that i am extra guarded, less jaded and more sensitive. the heart no longer feel invincible. in short “praning.”

as the heart reunites with old friends —- sudden rush of excitement, blissfulness over mundane things, momentary stillness of own world, silly smiles on wee moments of nothingness—- the heart too harbor once known pain… and the scary part, the usual culprit is thy own shadow.


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