random ramblings

recollecting thy self

warning. her pseudo wordsmith is babbling again.

i can be a different me every other 59 minutes. a descendant of Mother Theresa. a picture of Angelina minus the hotness, tattoo’s and troubled past. the goodie uncorrupted damsel impossibly distressed. the loving daughter. the doting elder sister. the loyal friend.

on a flick of the hourglass i can become an angel in disguise. the modern Magdalena. a conquering resident of a hostile world. a graceful sinner.

there are roles to play. and of those my paramour is one out of the window.

no. i am not in such pretense. i just have a personality that swings in so much lability that tornados will be put to shame. no i do not have personality crisis. i know exactly who i am. i am just beyond definition. that i intend to be. i cannot be confined in a box. i refuse to be.


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