random ramblings

bliss in spite of

this is moi inbetween happiness and homesickness.

i can still remember the odd silence when my family dropped me off the NAIA early this year. the suppressed tears. the tightness on my chest and the realization technology will be our bridge yet again… indefinitely.

happiness. my family is the root of my capacity to love. next to God, they are my reason for being.

i get lazy. i moan at times. i get sore back. there are those that may irritate me not so rarely. but somehow in spite of, i feel home at work. i feel i am meant to do what i am doing. i am enjoying.

quality friends. i have them from A to Z. coming from all corners. my current wellington chums fills the imminent physical gap of companionship. more than enough that i think soon i will miss “me” time (hehehe).

gambling into love. yes i am in a relationship (ahem). but i still stand very very complicated. but i have learned to let fear be just unknown. to allow questions remain unanswered. the constant longing be my ally. reminiscing feed my strength. and hope that the interim will be just worth it.

so life is not all sweet. but i won’t complain. as i know i am lucky… no, i guess i am not lucky… i am blessed.

(i wouldn’t mind a million dollars and a rock on my finger though… dreaming tsk tsk tsk)


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