random ramblings

love anonymous

and so i cheated myself into believing i have once found love and lost it forever… until now.

i realized i had vague memory of what being in love felt like, after all it was nineteen-forgoten since i and that state of being was one.

there were forewarnings. but i was too silly and came unprepared to be swept off my feet. the entirety of me smiled, giggled, felt bliss and took comfort in your big strong yet kid like embrace. i let down my guard… so here i am now.

my long standing reconciliation with the thought that walking life solo was my kind of story became a blur.

that familiar feeling took place but came with it is its evil twin. as i hope for this feeling to continue to consume me, pain is also nesting like a culprit tiptoeing in darkness.

as my heart dance in limbo… and you became my potential lover… you too are my future heartache.


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