random ramblings

a stranger’s kindness

My timing was impeccable! I chose to drop my bumble bee to the car shop on a cold windy and rainy Wellington weather!

While standing outside the motorshop trying to figure out where i can freakin find the nearest bus stop or railway station, a lady who also been to the same shop offered me a lift.

All of a sudden i felt warmth! I came from a country where such kindness from a stranger is somewhat too impossible to even think of.

I remembered on my first time going back home after 2 years of being away i felt people outside NZ are too snob and rude… filipino’s at least. I got used to people walking pass saying “hello” “how are yeah” “good day” with a smile.

These are among the few reason why i ❤ New Zealand. It may not be crime free, but there are enough kindness to suffice peace.

I forgot to ask the lady’s name though… she is a kiwi if am not mistaken…. but you know who she is Lord! may you bless her more ❤


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