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think i had too much of and needed a break from vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards and even little people. it’s safe to say i like watching them portrayed in films rather than reading them… or is it because more often than not i see the movie first and that spoils my interest of reading… or maybe (think this is most likely) i’m too busy doing nothing to burn eyebrows with books nowadays… just me and my lazy big fat ass…

on many times i have browsed a book store (this is as often as i window shop for clothes and shoes) i always get my hands on this books portraying angels.

two days ago, i found myself on temptation land once again and got myself instantly enthralled after reading the first few pages of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. Normally i’de wait for a sale but what the heck my impulsiveness got the better of me.

OK. the story is nothing spectacular. simply put trio of angels… siblings, gabriel an archangel, ivy a seraphim, and bethany an ordinary transition angel… sent to earth on a mission to spread and influence good. the youngest, beth, fell in love with a human, xavier a handsome school captain. being of two different worlds they faced hurdles on their relationship, as if the struggle wasn’t enough, a villain comes to stir their world by coming after beth. does the plot sounds familiar? if you are a twillight saga fan, you can relate so well. it can get predictable.

the book is well written though. you would never guessed the author is just in her late teens. or maybe that’s her strong points… too young and still dreamy… thus, a vivid detailed imagination written in such wits… it feeds your limitless awesome imagination. i specially like the first few chapters where bethany, being on her first visit and first try being earthbound, discovers first hand what being human is like and observing life up close. it was like being inside a newborn’s mind.

then again, maybe the reason i was consumed by the story is because i am a sucker for deep-dark-tragic-love-stories. any story that gives me that familiar feeling.

what can i say? this book already had me at book cover.


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