Happiness or sorrow — whatever befalls you, Walk on. Untouched, unattached. -Buddha

Four decades later, she is still a work in progress. With heart (mostly) in her sleeves, fire in her soul and a massive mouth she cannot control. She is unapologetic of her existence. Fearlessly loyal, yet effortlessly let go of anyone and anything that weighs her down. She believes she deserves more what the universe thinks she deserves. To move, cross oceans, see places and meet people. The best, the most honest, the purest of love. Not only to be loved by others, but to be loved by herself. 



pawcutie pawtootie

The more people I meet, the more I prefer the company of my dog

It has been three years since I found this pawcute fluff bear and life was never the same. For one, I am never literally alone, he follows me even when am having a personal time in the toilet (don’t ask me why I don’t close the door on him as I also don’t know why I simple just don’t hehehe). I sleep on the edge of my queen sized bed as he likes sleeping in the center somehow positioning himself where I can hardly move fearing he’ll get squashed or worse…wake him up!

Two years ago we left kiwiland and moved to the land down under (although New Zealand is way down under Australia, maybe I should not use this phrase for this instance?). His airfare cost  four times mine that someone told me I should just get another dog when I settle in Oz. That sent revolting shockwaves all over my body. Good thing it was a nice friend so I let it pass and reminded myself that not everyone understand what having “just a dog” means. He is family and would never consider moving cross country if he could not come along.

He has become my plus one to gatherings. Close friends and family (should) know we’re a package deal. Obviously I cannot bring him to restaurants (unless we are dinning al fresco) and sadly I cannot bring him to work. I bring him to the city where I walk him while I window shop and the naughty pawmom that I am, I occasionally sneak him inside the stores. I ask permission of course and mostly they would “love” him to come in as long as I just carry him and for them to have a pat, or a cuddle, or a photo…

Luckily I don’t generally mind small chats with strangers as walking this patootie always entails being stopped by strangers. One time a girl asked “how often does he come to the city?” then realising what she said she immediately said sorry and rephrased it including me in her query (not that I minded).  More than once a person risk rushing against crowd or crossing a busy street just so they can meet Snow.  Hearing girls (and very rarely boys too) squeal in delight, giggle and just utter  “awwww” just the mere site of him makes me feel like I am spreading and sharing happiness in this scary world we now live in.


a dog is indeed a man’s bestfriend

But don’t be fooled by his royal cuteness. He may be only 1.5 kg tiny but he is feisty as. He barks and launches forward like he is about to and going to bite you (he never really goes further, but let’s pretend he is a scary bad ass ninja, he really think he is hehehe). He does not back down no matter how goliath the “opponent” is. Specially when he does not like your smell, you are nowhere getting near his pawmom (like I need protecting…chuckles).


Dreamy Firenze

They say once you travel, the voyage never ends, and Italy will be a dream that will keep on returning for the rest of my life. 


The Ponte Santa Trìnita is a Renaissance bridge in Florence, Italy, spanning the Arno. The oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world, characterised by three flattened ellipses.

Firenze, where poems where made in streets

stories are born, people are loved

Is all beauty and enchantment 

Cathedral, tower and palace, piazza and streets

the river glowing in fearsome like a silver cord

the city coloured in mild violet

like diluted wine 

surreal and beguiling all at once


The Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the glowing Arno River.




The Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall of Florence. It overlooks the Piazza della Signoria with its copy of Michelangelo’s David statue as well as the gallery of statues in the adjacent Loggia dei Lanzi.



Pedestrian achways in Florence


the cousins on a whirlwind trip #TheTravellerAndTheWanderer


looking through the “rounded window” of The Ponte Vecchio



The polychrome marble panels in various shades of green and pink of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (in the middle), with the clock tower (on the right) and the Baptistery a.k.a. Gates of Paradise (on the left).



The immense dome and medieval façade of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore


The Baptistery a.k.a. Gates of Paradise


“I will never, ever regret the things I’ve done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to.”-Me Before You




August 2016

Rome with me

Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.

– Giotto Di Bondone


It felt like I can die quite happy after seeing something of that place which I have read or heard so much of (an expression, not a wish, so I may be clear).

During the “express” 8 day mediterranean tour, it was only in Rome that the group stayed on the same hotel for two nights. Not that it was enough, but a day would have gotten us basically nowhere. 

Stately and impressive, it is full of history, churches, cultures and architecture. A great city representing conquest, frozen in time. So much will stir your mind rediscovering places where world life-changing events and political conspiracy transpired. 

Only in Rome thus being a crumbling ruin and millenia-old, is also being breathtaking (“only” until I saw Greece, but that is another story shhhh)


The colosseum is one massive structure that standing next to its imposing presence makes one feel like a tiny blob in this world. 

So wonderful, proving that something with an awful (bloody) past can still be beautiful. 



Fontana de Trevi. The oldest water source in Rome is now more famously known for coin throwing. With the coin on your right hand thrown over the left shoulder, legend claims throwing 3 coins will grant you; coming back to Rome; ensure new romance; and ensure marriage (hmmm it has been a little over a year since…). 



Fountain of the four Rivers in the middle of Piazza Navona. Waters from this fountain comes from 4 continents — the Nile (Africa), Danube (Europe), Ganges (Asia), and Rio de la Plata (America). 



The Roman Pantheon



Romeing the center of the city surrounding Capitoline Hill



Blessed to have visited the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is a city within the city of Rome.  


stoic guards outside the home of The PopeDSCF8079.jpgDSCF8099DSCF8085.jpgDSCF8097IMG_2256.jpg

I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble

– Augustus






August 2016

(Venezia) half fairytale~half tourist trap

Within this labyrinth of narrow bridges, cramped courtyards, twisting canals and shuttered squares, is a living, breathing city, ideal for a short break.

It was too short in my case, nevertheless a wonderful dreamy experience. It was middle of summer hence too many tourist flocking the city making taking a decent photo almost impossible.

As soon as we docked I found it hard to tame my wanderlust. It was like being thrown in disneyland and told to sit in a chair all day. Although it was impossible to see Venice in a day as it is built on more than 100 islands, I explored as much as I could and where my feet could not go, my eyes strolled through. There were no cars or roadways, just canals and boats.


IMG_2131DSCF7876Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.49.45 pm

You can briefly tame lust, but you can never satisfy one person’s need to wander.






August 2016

precious Pinocchio

she is a rock salt dressed as sugar

gleefully dishonest

superficial charm her armour

she parades in fake cries

spewing lies as she breathes

constantly complaining she is tired

exhausted from her own concoction of lies

so habitual she is lost

and started believing her own twisted truth

creating drama is her sport

playing victim is her ploy

the un-favoured, the overworked

an “angel” always craving chaos

her importunate ways will drive you cray

(forced to) give her the right hand she demands

she will bite it as she feeds

and if your lucky, her ingratitude

will drain your spirit till it no longer bleed

she is a clumsy manipulator

wearing a see-through layered mask

leaving evidence in her tracks

but she has the effrontery to continue her act

showing up as she fraudulently scheme

dragging the innocent bun

so sickening

how do you manage to sleep

oh sweet mistress of lies and deceit


aegeas (stratum)




she is as massive as the earth

scintillating and carefree

like a sonnet she unwrap herself

sunlight, twilight and midnight layers

she is unforgettable  

seeping through your veins

unknowingly burning

leaving a scar, a reminder 

that once you were stung 

by a beautiful beast

chasing sunset in Santorini

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. 

– Kristen Butler

There is only one sun, and although they may look the same, sunset in different places feels slightly bit dreamier than the other. Such case is the sunset in Santorini.

What else do you do if you only have two nights in this place? Experience the sunset in different perspective. Literally waited for hours for each. In Fira, the capital of the island, I had to order a fairly expensive meal to get a seat with a very good view. In Oia however, had to stand for almost 2 hours as massive crowd of sun worshipers arriving every second. Had I moved a step or two I would have lost my unobstructed spot. Although the photo gives no justice, I promise you the calf muscle pain was worth it.

Sunset in Fira

the sunset in Fira

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”
― Anna GodbersenThe Luxe


the sunset from Oia



i Louvre thee Paris

“Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history; so she seemed in this age of Napoleon III with her towering buildings, her massive cathedrals, her grand boulevards and ancient winding medieval streets–as vast and indestructible as nature itself.”

– Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire

I fell in love no doubt and started picturing myself living a Parisian life.  Walking the cobblestone streets with my fur-baby. Passing by those creamy century old buildings with swoon-worthy balconies. Morning coffee in al-fresco cafes, with those mouthwatering pastries.










One of the deals I found online is a 2 hours ride tour within the streets of Paris in this 2 horsepower car… and to our delight the french driver was also a guide and oh boy he was hilarious too.




“Paris is a museum displaying exactly itself.” – Jeffrey Eugenides

The Lourve Museum is like a city on its own. It’s massive and has over 380,000 art collection although apparently only 8% is on display. I’ve read that it will take you at least 48 hours if you view each piece available to the public for 2 mins. Well, we could only allot 2 hours, so we soaked in as much as we could. Impossible to be honest, as everywhere you look, including the floor and ceilings are all feast for the eyes!



DSCF8317 (1).jpgDSCF8299.jpg


This is me promising to come back to spend a day or two inside Louvre alone.






August 2016


whirlwind paris

“The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,

I heard the laughter of her heart in every street café.” 

-Oscar Hammerstein II

A perfect timing. That was what happened a year ago. I was bitten by the travel bug and has been restlessly wanting to go somewhere. One night I stumbled upon a cheap plane fare to Paris and an unbelievably cheap 8 days Mediterranean tour package from Paris-Switzerland-Italy-Paris. Was working freelance which meant I own my work sched. I let myself sleep the night through but as soon as I woke up I started booking and organising hotel accomodations and tour packages. Two weeks after that my cousin (who also has an itchy feet 😄) and I was off to an adventure.

We basically had only 2 days in Paris so I opted for a hotel only a few walk away from Eiffel Tower. Paid extra for an early check in and late check out — a tip, when you have a tight schedule and a long haul flight, it is luxury being able to shower and power-nap upon arrival from and before heading to the airport. Another tip, buy skip-the-line vouchers for Louvre Museum, Seine River Cruise and the Eiffel Tower. They are worth every penny when you are press for time, plus having a local tour guide is an experience itself.

First itinerary was to get a bird’s-eye view of Paris, and what better way to do that than through a 300 m wrought iron lattice tower.


it was like seeing a long time crush for the first time


having brunch while waiting for our Eiffel Tower tour to start


Then off we went for a cruise along the 777 kilometer-long Seine River…. but only a part of it of course.





On our last night in Paris…. although tired from hopping on and off a bus from one city to another, I couldn’t just sleep without seeing the tower glitter in glory…. and I was not disappointed ❤️





August 2016


B for Betrayal


“the soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. the challenge is to silence the mind.”


She shared deepest parts of herself to his magic mirror.

He knew her well, what she was, why she does.

They were less of a lover and almost brothers.

When the going got rough, he offered no shoulder.

And rather fled than rally to defend.

Once long time mate, was, a part time chum.

Time has passed, wound somewhat healed.

They are no longer friends, nor are they enemies.

They became strangers, with tainted memories.



taking off



My current state of heart (inspired by the empowering text written and published by the great Portuguese Author, José Micard Teixeira)

I’ve never been someone who puts other people’s perception of me above my own or my family’s. I do not breathe to please.

I noticed I have simply lost the patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature.

I no longer waste time on anything that irritates me, or simply anything that connotes negativity.

And though I was never a crowd pleaser, I found no desire to be liked by those who do not like me, loved by those who does not love me, nor smile to those who do not want to smile at me.

I shy away from people who lie or want to manipulate and people with inflexible personalities. I do not want to be in the same room with, nor even wants to hear anything that plays pretense, embodies hypocrisy, and dishonesty.

I find it harder to stand pedantry nor any form of arrogance and most certainly uncomfortable with any kind of gossiping, coercion and comparisons.

To me there is no thin line between loyalty and betrayal.

And though I get along with people who know how to give compliments and word of encouragement, exaggerations give me the creeps.

I do things for my own pleasure with absolutely no regard to cheap praise. I have not become arrogant (I do not have a reason to be). I just simply found a new freedom. Freedom to anything that waste my time and does not deserve my patience.

who I am and why I’m here

i’ve decided i have no bloody clue.

All I know I stumbled upon this side of cyberspace because of my love for reading. Then the raw emotions got me hooked and eventually found myself narrating my own.

I do not want to admit that I am writing to escape, but I do find myself here whenever I am jubilant or experiencing inner havoc. Maybe it is an escape. Or an expression. Or just plain boredom.

Thus my “what is this about” reads:

the metamorphosis of every experience into literature.
my haven when life gives me the middle finger.
the chronicles of simple cosmic events.
a witness to every orgasm.

for all intent and purposes, this is a story of my life
this is what will bring me back and somehow will remember me by.

this is where i will bleed and heal. 
it will be manic and depression evil twins combine.
i have labile spontaneous erratic thoughts and emotions.
i have occasional thought salad.
it will be i, me and myself.
so consider yourself warned.



If we were playing flash cards, and you show me inspiration without batting an eyelash I would utter “mom and pop”

though it may sound biased, let us just say i am one grateful daughter who in spite of living in a rather harsh world, i get to experience everyday what love should be like. they are not perfect, just enough kind of cool, not too strict and not too liberated. a perfect combo of lovers slash partners.

future ex



they spent days holding hands

exchanging naughty smiles in public places

he would whisper swiftly into her ears,

a soft voice that makes her heart ring 

his slightest touch in her skin, 

a silent scream for yearning

it seemed like there were no days, and time stood still

everything was wondrous, too good to be true

she was broken, he was beyond repair

they were happy together, together they only long to be

on the day she had to leave

he texted her while they were in the car

“will you come back”

“yes” she replied

by then they had fallen,

and knew instantaneously that yes this is a future heartbreak 



My Best Friend

Black and White
Thick and furry
Fast as the wind
Always in a hurry
Couple of spots
Rub my ears
Always comes his name he hears
Loves his ball it’s his favorite thing
What’s most fun for him? Everything!
Great big tongue that licks my face
Has a crate his very own space
Big brown eyes like moon pies
He’s my friend till the very end!

© Abby Jenkins

up close and pawsonal

Taken after my pompom’s first haircut… boy that was too short for my liking. I learned to give specific instruction to the groomer since then. This is also one of the rare moments I get to snap a close up, he rarely keeps still and these days he looks away just before I get the shot.


Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;
but you’re never friendless ever, if you have a dog.

Douglas Mallock

my other home


you go to a place and they take you in.

you wandered through till you found yourself and suddenly you’re home.

that realisation that home is not a place but a feeling.

*** Beehive is the popular name for the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings located in the capital, Wellington. An iconic building for Wellingtonians.